“Empowering dreamers to achieve excellence in all facets of life.” Mission: Tichenor Middle School shall provide a quality, accountability-based education in academics, arts, and athletics; producing responsible citizens by equipping all students with global skills, knowledge, understanding, and dispositions required for the 21st Century College to Career.

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Tichenor Middle School Dress for Success Code

Revised:  May 28, 2014


The SBDM Council has approved the Dress for Success Code presented by the Dress Code Committee consisting of staff, parents, and students.  The Dress for Success Code will help to eliminate distracting trends, safety issues, and inappropriate attire.  In revising the Dress Code, all stakeholders collaborated to provide a more relaxed school environment while addressing individuality.  Thanks for your cooperation in maintaining the dress code and promoting a positive school community.

1)      Slacks, shorts, skirts, jeans, and capris are permitted.

A)     Shorts and skirts must be appropriate length. 

B)      Leggings/Yoga Pants may be worn only if covered by appropriate length top. 

C)      Jeans:  no holes or frayed; no pajamas

D)     Clothing must be worn above the hips not exposing undergarments.

2)      T-shirts, Polo shirts, and Oxford shirts are permitted.

3)      Students will be permitted to wear sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, or light jackets. 

4)      Shoes should be tied at all times; shoes must have backs.

5)      No heavy, winter coats will be permitted in the classrooms.

6)      Students are not permitted to wear hats, hoods, or bandannas in the building.

7)      Piercings, jewelry, and hairstyles will be determined appropriate at the discretion of the school administration.

8)      No logos or images that portray drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, or racism may be displayed.

9)      Occasions throughout the school year will permit students to step out of the Dress for Success Code.  Students and staff may request special dress days; the special Dress Code Days will be approved by the Administration.

10)   Dress for Success Code will be monitored by all staff.

**The interpretation of this code is left to the discretion of the administration.