“Empowering dreamers to achieve excellence in all facets of life.” Mission: Tichenor Middle School shall provide a quality, accountability-based education in academics, arts, and athletics; producing responsible citizens by equipping all students with global skills, knowledge, understanding, and dispositions required for the 21st Century College to Career.

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Meet your Tichenor Middle School Counseling Department!

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Jennifer Downey 859-727-2255 ext. 217
Aubrey Ryan 859-727-2255 ext. 214


Ms. Downey                                                                                   

7th grade and 8th grade TMS counselor


Ms. Downey joins us this year for her first year as a school counselor.  She enjoys working with children and has served in a variety ways through summer camps, summer programming, tutoring, and substitute teaching.  Ms. Downey enjoys young adult fiction, museums, and amusement parks.



–     Morehead State University:  Bachelor of Science in Psychology, 2012

–     Morehead State University:  Master of Arts in School Counseling, 2014


Mrs. Ryan

6th grade and 8th grade TMS Students

Mrs. Ryan is excited to begin this year as a first year school counselor. She has worked as an English teacher at Lloyd Memorial High School since 2009 and is excited to continue in the Erlanger-Elsmere School District. She is passionate about working with students to set high expectations and achieve their dreams.



-Northern Kentucky University: Bachelor of Arts Secondary English Education, 2008

-Northern Kentucky University: Master of Arts in Education Teacher as Leader: Specialization in Reading, 2013

-University of the Cumberlands: Master of Arts in Professional Counseling, 2015

RAMP- Recognized ASCA (American School Counseling Association) Model Program

In 2013 Tichenor Middle School became the ONLY public school in the state of Kentucky to hold a RAMP designation.  This designation comes from the American School Counseling Association and involves a rigorous review of evidence-based programs including small group counseling, guidance curriculum development, and an advisory council made up of teachers, parents, and community members. 

The Vision of Tichenor Middle School’s Counseling Program

Tichenor Middle School will “empower dreamers to achieve excellence in all facets of life.”

Tichenor Middle School’s Counseling Program will realize success when students:

  • Leave middle school with a vision for their life which includes clear expectations for themselves, exhibiting a personal compass built from their values, interests and passions, and having set clear and achievable steps for obtaining their goals.


  • Successfully transition to high school and beyond, using college and career readiness skills to navigate and overcome barriers.


  • Exhibit self-awareness of their strengths and weaknesses and use that knowledge to propel them towards achieving identified goals.


  • Are involved in positive connections and mentorship relationships with adults, are able to recognize and seek help when needed, and serve as positive role models and mentors for others.


  • Are active partners with the school counseling program, community stakeholders, families, and school resources.


  • Continue to seek learning opportunities, enhance society with their talents, and make a positive difference in their families and communities.

Tichenor School Counseling Program Beliefs

          The School Counselors at Tichenor Middle School believe:

  • School counselors must be advocates for every student.
  • All students have significance and worth.
  • All students – regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation – shall have equal access to all services (academic, career, and personal/social) provided by the counseling program and the school.
  • All students have strengths that can be applied to achieve their goals.
  • The school counseling program serves a central role in meeting students’ developmental needs through interventions in academic, career, and personal/social domains.
  • Learning experiences should be created in such a way as to make them personally meaningful to students.
  • Students need opportunities to form and express vision, develop positive mentorship relationships and recognize their own special talents to overcome barriers in their lives.
  • Student needs can be best met through a data-driven comprehensive school counseling program, which evolves to meet current and future students’ needs, with collaboration of all educational stakeholders.
  • The school counseling program provides valuable resources to be used in collaboration with educational stakeholders to increase equity and access to opportunity.
  • School counselors are leaders and change agents in school culture and academic achievement.
  • The comprehensive school counseling program is tailored to meet students’ developmental needs as identified through needs assessments, delivered using evidence-based programs when possible, and evolved through data analysis of outcomes.
  • The American School Counselor Association ethical standards guide the work of the school counseling program and school counselors.



Tichenor Middle School Counseling Program Mission Statement


Tichenor Middle School Counseling Program removes barriers to success for all students through empirically supported, data-driven comprehensive school counseling programming. At Tichenor Middle School, all stakeholders- such as teachers, administrators, parents/ guardians, families, caretakers, youth service center, and a caring community, embrace and attend to the individual needs of students regardless of the obstacles in the domains of academic, career, and personal/ social to emphasize meaningful learning. The Tichenor Middle School Counseling Program increases equity through diverse programming, organized through response to intervention to meet the needs of all students.

School Counseling Program Goals

1)  This year, 2014-2015, the school counselors of Tichenor Middle School would like to focus on small group counseling.  Through delivery of this intervention, we hope to impact the behavior, attendance, and/or academic achievement of the students we work with.

Changes have been made to the TMS master schedule for this school year to include a flex/advisory time for all students.  The goal for this daily 45 minute time is to impact student achievement through focus on content-related skills instruction.  The school counselors hope to contribute to our overall school improvement through utilizing this time to run targeted small group counseling interventions.  These interventions will be varied to meet student needs including giftedness, truancy, empowerment, social skills, etc.  Students will be chosen for these groups based on referrals from teachers and other staff members, parents, and data.  If you are interested in or have questions about small group counseling, please contact the TMS school counselors at (859) 727-2255.

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