“Empowering dreamers to achieve excellence in all facets of life.” Mission: Tichenor Middle School shall provide a quality, accountability-based education in academics, arts, and athletics; producing responsible citizens by equipping all students with global skills, knowledge, understanding, and dispositions required for the 21st Century College to Career.

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TMS offers daily breakfast and lunch to all students.

Breakfast & Lunch Prices for 2014-2015 School Year





Breakfast remains the same Price  for all levels

Reduced  $  .30

Full Paid paid  $1.00

Adult staff – $2.00

Adult Visitor –  $2.50


Lunch required an increase for  all levels

Elem –  was $1.95  increase $  .10 – lunch price for 2014-2015 –  $2.05

MS / HS – was $2.25 –  increase of  $  .05 –  lunch price for 2014-2015  –  $2.30

Adult Staff – was $3.15 – increase of  $  .10 – lunch price for 2014-2015 –  $3.25

Adult Visitors –  was $3.65 – increase of $ .10 – lunch price for 2014-2015 –  $3.75

A form for free and reduced meals is available from the school office for families who qualify financially. This form must be done at the beginning of each school year and only one per family needs to be submitted. Each student has a four-digit account number.  When the child goes through the cafeteria line for a meal, he/she is asked for the number for identification purposes.  When the child gives the number, the amount of the meal is deducted from the account.  Students may pay daily if they choose, or parents/guardians may put money into a lunch account.

Lunch Charges

Elementary, Middle, and High School Students shall be allowed up to three (3) meal charges, after which the Principal/designee and the students’ parents shall be notified.  If the parent does not make payment or other arrangements, students may be served an alternative meal after the fifth charge.  To accommodate a possible change in a student’s family income the bookkeeper shall encourage students/parents to return a completed application for free or reduced price meals in the following instances:

1.        When a student makes repeated charges; or

2.        When a student reaches the limit allowed for accumulated charges and payment is not made in a timely manner.

*Adults shall not be permitted to charge meals

A form for free and reduced meals is available from the school office for families who qualify financially.